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Carla Semprebon was born in Verona, where she completed her studies at the Art School and then graduated in Architecture in Venice. She took free painting courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona and attended the International School of Graphics in Venice. She is a painter and printmaker. She is part of the “Atelier Aperto” engravers association of Venice. She participated in the fifth advanced engraving course held by the maestro Oscar Manesi at the Centro Comunale d’Arte of Cagliari. She attended the “Arteria Grafica” printing house in Madrid where she made and printed her engravings. She participated in the 40th edition of the national competition “G.B. Cromer” of Agna (PD), winning the first graphics prize. She has created two portfolios of engravings (Entropia and Kairos) and two artist books (“Città nello spazio” and “Cambiamento di prospettiva di percorsi astrali”) published by the International Graphics Centre of Venice; “Sillabario” artist book with texts by Katherine Mansfield published by Studio Arte GS of Lendinara (Rovigo); “Sfarfallii del logos” artist’s book by the Veronese Engravers’ Association, printed at the graphic art laboratory of the Tartarotti civic library in Rovereto.

The following people have written about her: P. Azzolini, M. Corradini, M.L. Ferraguti, C. Giardini, F. Giuliari, L. Lepri, A. Mozzambani, V.  Meneguzzo, V. Motta, P. Pedrazzoli, B. Rosada, G. Signorini, G. Trevisan.